I am regaining some of my confidence. Important not just for me but impacts on my children if I am happier in myself, obviously it makes a difference to how their lives are shaped. I feel more prepared to take a risk in doing what I like doing rather than what I feel I should do.

We would like to see:

  • A more equitable society where every person can learn and thrive
  • A society where people feel able and motivated to create better lives for themselves and others
  • A society where people can imagine - and work towards - a fairer world.


We are not told what we should or should not do, only given suggestions and information.

  • To build women’s confidence and skills to support their children through school and achieve their own goals.
  • To give women creative, interactive learning experiences which draw out everyone’s strengths and talents.
  • To give women tools to engage their children in creative, interactive learning.
  • Before I came here I was doing nothing. I had given up on MY life. I was going through the motion day after day, looking after the kids,doing the cleaning. Because of Skills Network I feel completely different and motivated to do the things I want to do. I also found I could make space for myself. Now I feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I am feeling positive about my life, and my children's future too

  • To enable women who feel alienated and marginalised to find a voice and a sense of belonging, agency and control.
  • To give women opportunities to explore links between their individual circumstances and the wider social process.
  • To practise and develop ways of working together that effectively share power, responsibility, support and leadership.
  • As a collective, to work for social change.

Currently our work is focused on women and our courses are geared towards mothers only. We run skill sharing days in the wider community to which all parents and carers are welcome. Men are often involved in activities. However, at the moment, the core Skills Network collective is made up of women only. We feel this is important in order to make sure we are inclusive and accessible to all mothers who want to take part - including those who are more comfortable in a single sex environment. It also helps us to remain focused on our key objectives.

I enjoy creating things. I didn't value what I did before, I never believed it was worth pushing in any direction. It doesn’t help when people are telling you "You can't" or "Who do you think you are?" or "Go and do something easy"... They think you can’t make a difference so why bother? With Skills I realised I CAN and WHY NOT?...

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